Sunday, August 1, 2010

Darjeeling Photos 072010

झुल्के जून
The rising Moon on a warm summer day in Kalimpong. The dark monsoon clouds hover on her in the twilight. Pic at Bong Busty, Kalimpong.
धुम्म घारीमा
Uttis (alnus nepalensis) and the Balasan witness the Rangbull-Balsan valley in perennial fog.
टिस्टा देखी आकाशतिर
A droplet at the Teesta, fog at the valley, a handful of cloud in the sky, yet I know not where I'll lie. Pic at Deolo Tourist Lodge compound, Kalimpong.
घर बाटको दृश्य
A view of the south-west ranges (India and Nepal)  from my home at Rangbull, Darjeeling.

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